This event has ended.  Please sign the letter to Jackson County Commissioners, check out the Phoenix-Talent event wrap-up, or visit the WAKE-UP Southern Oregon page using the lings below to GET INVOLVED!

Visit the WAKE-UP Southern Oregon page here!

Jackson County & Statewide

Unenrollment Day Meet-Up

August 5, 2021 @ 5:45PM

(15 min. before the PHX school board meeting)

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DOWNLOAD & PRINT the PDF Full 1-Page Flyer and/or PDF Quarter-Page Handbills to print & share with friends & Family. 

YOU CAN POSITIVELY AFFECT the future & freedom of our community’s children & families!.

Phoenix High Parking Lot
745 N. Rose St.
Phoenix, Oregon

Come together on Aug-5-2021 at 5:45PM to support your Jackson County area neighbors, who want to get schools back to normal now:


Together We Are Strong!