In a major referendum against the Biden Administrations policies and mandates Virginia turns their state a solid RED down the ticket.  Electing Republican conservative,  Glenn Youngkin as their new Governor,  Winsome Sears as their Lieutenant Governor and Jason Miyares as Attorney General sending a loud and clear message against CRT curriculum,  vaccine and covid mandates, the economy, immigration and Parental rights.

In Ilhan Omar’s state, Minneapolis has shot down the attempt to close Police Departments.  Residence sent a strong message showing support for law enforcement.  Minnesota is rising against the Defund the Police agenda that has devastated their cities in the last 2 years.

In New Jersey a Republican truck driver, Edward Durr has unseated the long term, tenured Democrat of 20 years, Steve Sweeney.  With a mere $9000  , Durr with his common sense, grass roots kitchen table concerns resonated with New Jersey that sent him to victory. 

Phil Murphy, Governor of  New Jersey evidently won his seat back by less than 500 votes over Jack Ciattarelli.  This in itself is a major message to the Biden Administration that New Jersey, with the highest taxes in the nation, is regretting their vote for Biden.  A recount and audit of Bergen County will ensue immediately and Ciattarelli has not conceded.  There was a problem in this county whereby at 1:54 in the morning with 100% reportedly counted in Bergen, a sudden approximate 45 thousand mail in ballots showed up.  Minutes prior to this delivery, Ciattarelli was up at 52% of the vote which would give him the win for Governor of New Jersey.  With this “delivery” in the wee hours,  with Murphy losing,  the votes put Murphy over the top by a mere 500 votes. 

In addition many counties across the U.S. elected conservative Judges and District Attorneys.  It is very clear to the Democrat Party that Americans are not going to sit down for their socialistic policies.  Democrats are experiencing “buyers remorse” in a huge way and are rising up in a voter’s “civil war”.  

Midterms is sure to bring Main Street into play as this Administration continues doubling down on tyrannical polices that suppress livelihoods and civil rights.   State executive offices up for election in 2022 include 36 gubernatorial seats, 30 lieutenant gubernatorial seats, 30 attorney general seats, and 26 secretary of state seats. Including down-ballot races, there are 229 state executive offices up for election across 43 states in 2022.  Let’s hope this Red Wave continues.