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PARENTS, you are not alone.  Unenrollment Tools & Resources can be found in this menu:

Press Release from 40 Organizations Regarding Unenrollment

August 2, 2021

Oregon Fights Back-Over 40 Oregon Grassroots Groups and Organizations Push Back on Governor Brown’s Fall 2021 School Mask Mandate and removal of local control.

[Oregon| AUGUST 2021] – On 7/29, Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued a statement directing the Oregon Department of Education to create a rule mandating masks K-12 for indoor spaces. This abrupt reversal of returning local control to districts caught Oregon parents, state officials, and district leaders by surprise. Over 40 grassroots organizations from across Oregon convened hours later to launch a strong rebuke:

“Governor Kate Brown has a responsibility to lead the state with stability and transparency. The constant moving of the goal posts and whiplash leadership style must stop. Schools are supposed to be a constant fixture in the lives of children, families, and communities, not a source of uncertainty.” said Glenda Scherer, one of the coalition organizers. We express extreme opposition to Governor Brown’s latest waffling decision. Stripping control from local elected school boards after she had just returned it on June 25, 2021, is poor leadership. We call on Oregon Democrat leaders to issue a common sense statement telling Governor Brown that she must end her emergency rule of one. We seek assistance from school boards, state, county and city officials to denounce her actions which bring chaos, instability, and uncertainty to communities, schools, and families.

We collect taxes, build buildings, hire teachers, and fund programs for the sole purpose of
educating students. It is time to put kids first! Volunteer Oregon school board members and
district leaders have exerted valuable effort planning, only to be ambushed with Governor
Brown’s erratic decisions. One school board member stated, “We’re devastated after all the work we have put in.”

We stand with other families across Oregon and will put into motion a Day of Action on August 5, 2021. We remind Governor Brown of her clear directive on June 25, 2021: to leave the decision making to local communities, “when it comes to serving the health and safety needs of students.” If she continues on this contradictory path, it will result in continued chaos, wasted efforts, and division. Schools are supposed to be a constant fixture in the lives of children, families, and communities, not a source of uncertainty.

It is critical Governor Brown return control to local school boards. She has previously admitted that, “The social, emotional, mental, and physical health of so many students is tied to their schools and to the personalized support that educators provide,” and added that “in-person education is an equity issue.” We ask Governor Brown to uphold equity and fulfill her promises. Put kids first!

Please stand with these groups who are working together for the sake of children, families, and
strong communities:

40+ Organizations & Supporting Groups
  • Blexit-Oregon
  • Breathe Free LaneCounty
  • Build Back Basics In Education
  • Catholic Schools Families
  • Unmasked-OR
  • Conservative Parents of
  • Newburg and Dundee
  • School District
  • Faith and Freedom
  • FreeOregon
  • Informed Parents of Bend Redmond
  • Informed Parents of Canby
  • Informed Parents of Forest Grove
  • Informed Parents of West
  • Linn Wilsonville
  • Jackson County Families
  • Districts Aligning for Students
  • Kids First Oregon
  • La Grande and Union County
  • Let Oregon Teach
  • Parents Against Masking Children
  • Marion & Polk County
  • Back to School
  • Maskless Women of Southern Oregon
  • McMinnville SD Unity for Children
  • No Left Turn in Education-OR Chapter
  • OCAG Oregon Curriculum
  • Advocacy Group
  • Open Oregon
  • Open Schools USA
  • Oregon Department of Education Fight Club
  • Oregon Families Strike Back
  • ‘Oregon Mom’s Union
  • Oregon Unheard Parents
  • Oregonians For Medical
  • Fight 4 Five USA
  • Parents Taking Over
  • School Boards
  • Prineville Parents for Choice
  • Raising Wildflowers Oregon
  • Safe Haven for Open Schools
  • School Choice for Oregonians
  • Smiles In Schools Lane County
  • Sunny Smiles Oregon
  • Southern Oregon First
  • Teachers 4 Open School
  • Unmask Oregon
  • Unmask Our Kids Oregon
  • USA Reopen School Unite
  • We The People Columbia County
  • West Coast Wake Up
  • And growing.
Day of Action Unenrollment Instructions

August 5th Day of Action

Over 30 grassroots parent, business, education and freedom groups have joined up to empower Oregon families—Together we can do this!  We all can do something to make an impact!  We will send our kids back when schools have local control and masks are permanently optional.

  1. Unenroll
    1. Contact your school in person or online. If homeschooling, contact your ESD or Education Service District can be found here: 
    2. For those who simply cannot unenroll, you can still complete the following actions.

For additional information, see our parent resource page.

  1. Contact your school officials: Superintendent and School Board 
  1. Are your school board meetings in person with parents? Great, go sign up to speak. Inform your school superintendent and school board that you will unenroll your children
  2. Ask them to write a resolution that they will exercise local control that was promised to them just over a month ago.
  3. If they won’t meet in person, send testimony via email:  Meet in person with us… Or we will “Pack the Parking” Lot (a successful strategy used previously) where parents show up in the parking lot “hosting” their own parent meeting at THE SAME time as the official board meeting.  Give parents 3 minutes each to speak and follow rules: no disparaging remarks, no naming names etc.  Focus on program failure not people failure.

  1. Follow up with:  County Commissioners and Legislators
    1. Find your County Commissioner and Legislators and ask them to lobby for local control to remain in effect. Find them online using the “legislator lookup” portal. .
    2.  Ask your County Board of Commissioners to write a resolution that they will exercise local control. Use a phrase such as, “I vote for candidates who support children and local control.”
    3. Ask your County Board of Commissioners and legislators to issue a press release in support of local control.


  • Unenroll your children
  • Contact your School Board
  • Follow-Up


Sample Letter to School Boards & Elected Officials

Sample letter:

Dear ________________,

I, like many Oregonians, was very disheartened to hear of Governor Brown going back on lifting her previous local control and mask mandates, specifically for K-12 schools.

I understand that as a public school in Oregon, you aren’t given any choice but to abide by the ODE and the Governor. This letter is to inform you that my child(ren), ____________________ will be unerolling until masks are permanently optional and you have local control.  I would also encourage you to please write a resolution that you will exercise local control and make masks optional. We will then return.

I understand that this is putting you and the staff in a very tough spot. Please know that if I felt this could be avoided, I would do so. It seems that our Governor is opposed to hearing the voices of the majority of her constituents who are opposed to mandating masks on children. We simply want the decision making to be left to the local school board as RSSL stated it would be.


M/M ___________

Parent Questions / Resources

This might seem like the scariest thing that you have done, but you can do this!

You are joining 10,000s of families across Oregon who have made the choice to homeschool, pod, micro-school, or private school your child.  You may have some questions. 

Q: How do I unenroll my kid?   

A: If your child attends a public school then contact your local school, and tell them you want to unenroll and WHY.   They often have you put it in writing. If your school is open you can choose to go in person, but you may also do so easily online. ESD or Education Service District can be found here:

  1. What does my child’s education look like if he or she doesn’t attend a public school?
  2. Think outside the box. Your child’s education doesn’t have to look traditional ( a full day, all core subjects each day). There are many micro schools (created by licensed teachers) available.  There are homeschool networks.  There are pods.  Ask for help.  There are people across the state and across the US willing to help you problem-solve.  ASK for help.

Q: What about 504s and IEPs?

  1. For those concerned about IEP, 504 eligibility, services: generally speaking as long as the place your student is learning IS in the district boundaries, he or she can still receive services. Homeschooled children are allowed to compete in sports with their local school. Contact your local school for information.

Q: What are my responsibilities? (take out “where does my student attend school) keep “What are my responsibilities”

A:   1.  If your (child)  attends a private school, that school will help you with the process.

  1. If your student will homeschool, pod, micro etc…then you register your child as a homeschool student through your local Educational Service District WITHIN 10 days.

Q: Will schools lose funding If I pull my child?

A:  Budgets are set every two years and though they won’t necessarily lose any funds now, the consequences of students leaving the system will make a difference in the long run.  Superintendents know that when students leave to homeschool or attend a private school, many never return.  Combine this issue with other controversial curriculum issues and schools will be in jeopardy of losing out. That’s why we are asking school boards and superintendents to stand up and demand local control.

If your school needs assistance, the following is article on Vale SD Superintendent who will not follow the new rule:

Additionally, School districts in NC have used some of the following verbiage to write resolutions.

“The district could reevaluate that guidance every 10 weeks, or at the end of each academic quarter. While also educating people on the importance of masks and vaccines.

The Board strongly recommends masks for all K-12 students and staff, especially those who are unvaccinated.

The board could vote to make mask-wearing a parent option this fall. Masks will not be required in grades PreK-12. However, the Board reserves the right to change this policy as needed to mitigate COVID-19 spread.

All students, staff, and community members are encouraged to make their own decisions regarding their personal health in choosing whether to wear a mask. Harassment, discrimination, bullying or intimidation based on any person’s decision to wear or not wear a face covering or a mask will not be tolerated.”


Jackson County:  Unmask Our Children NOW!

School Board Meet-Up & Letter Campaign

YOU CAN POSITIVELY AFFECT the future & freedom of our community’s children & families!.  Come together to support your Jackson County neighbors, who want to get schools back to normal immediately: PARENTS, STUDENTS, TEACHERS, ADMINISTRATORS, SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS.  Together We Are Strong!

SIGN THE LETTER & SHARE THIS PAGE using the social media icons at the bottom! It is not controlled by the main-stream media or big tech. 😉  As an alternative method, you can share the page link in your browser and/or save the  JPG Online Flyer.  Come back here to check board meeting dates and locations in case they change

Send A School Board Letter NOW!

Send a letter to the Jackson County Commissioners and your specific School Board using our form provided by Scanner Group.

Give handbills to friends or give them out at your church or business: Download and Print 1/4 page Handbills with QR codes to help them send a letter or follow!

NOTE:  Some board meetings may be closed to the public (how unfortunate), and subject to change, but you should still meetup outside!  Times 15 min. before each meeting to help us rally out front.

Rogue River School District 035
Tues, August 17 @ 5:45PM (ended)

Eagle Point School District 094
Wed, August 25 @ 5:15PM (ended)

Butte Falls School District 091
Mon, August 9 @ 5:45PM (ended)

Ashland School District 005
Mon, August 9 @ 6:45PM (ended)

Prospect School District 059
Mon, August 9 @ 5:45PM (ended)

Medford School District 549C
Tues, August 10 @ 5:15PM (ended)

Central Point School District 006
August 10 @ 6:15PM (ended)

Pinehurst School District 094
August 11 @ 6:45PM (ended)

Phoenix-Talent School District 004
August 5 @ 5:15PM (ended)
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