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Medford, Oregon School Board draws up a letter regarding State mandates, and draws  dozens of parents & families.

Medford, Oregon – Over A few dozen community members showed up to in front of the Medford School District Office to support families who do not want forced mask mandates.  The board meeting was closed to the public, but supporters of parental choice, medical privacy and constitutional freedoms said being there shows support for the board as well.

Southern Oregon First Reporter Teri Woods spoke with officials who noted that the meeting was to draw up a letter asking the State to retain local authority.  The attending parents and families was described as low-key and positive.

Central Point, Oregon School Board Meeting packed with parents speaking up against State mask mandates, vows to be back.

Central Point, Oregon – The board meeting in Central Point tonight was described as packed by an attendee.  Many parents and family members attended to discuss State mandates relative to masks in schools.  The board allowed time for several speakers.

All speakers, with one exception, were vehemently opposed to the mandates.  April McDonald, from WAKE-UP Southern Oregon said the school board remained attentive to the community discussion throughout the evening.  One gentlemen told the board that the crowd would be back if they needed to.  The pulse of the crowd was supportive, clapping and cheering for speakers that spoke out against the Governor’s mandates.

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