Jackson county along with several other counties, including Crook, Malheur and Baker counties have filed for State of Emergency citing forthcoming detrimental impact on services, schools and healthcare industries.

“It is a very avoidable and foreseeable path that we are going down,” said Commissioner Dyer, Many schools as well as hospitals within JACO have taken a loss in staff whereby employees were let go due to forced vaccinations or be “fired”. . “We can’t afford these loses”, states Dyer as he expresses his major concern of public safety at the loss of First Responders as well.

Crook county points to the Oregon Health Authority intentionally making the definition of “healthcare worker” very broad. Crook county, along with many other counties are losing First Responders in mass. Lack of public services in the Sheriffs Department alone is cause for emergency due to public safety. Lack of staff will also cause existing personnel to work long overtime hours in order to protect those in their counties.

Other counties are sure to follow suit, such as Josephine, Union and Umatilla counties. All counties in the state are currently impacted in regard to necessary detrimental services. Examples are: Police/ Sheriffs, Fire, EMT’s, front line infrastructure workers, Doctors, RN’s, Lab, Pharmacy staff and more.

The hardships that are placed on every city and town in the state of Oregon is currently and soon to be in a dire state. Pharmacies and clinics are currently on limited hours due to lack of staffing. Some clinics are only open on limited days as well. The vaccine mandate is the main cause as it is putting employees in a position to fight for their freedom and rights over their own person. The cure should NEVER be worse than the problem. Sadly this is exactly the case in Oregon as the Governor has intentionally placed these hardships on all Oregonians.