In a letter written by six congress members, dated October 12, 2021, to Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Military Department, regarding the Oregon National Guards complaints that iterated since their deployment of August 13th the Governor has mismanaged their deployments putting many in a financial, housing and travel hardship. They claim that this is not the first deployment where this has happened claiming that it is systematic.

Oregon National Guard were deployed mid August to assist hospitals that were experiencing a heavy load of Covid patients. The intent was to assist hospitals around the state as needed. the Guard claim mismanagement, lack of organization, delay of benefits and pay that is unacceptable.

Governor Brown allowed orders to lapse and issued “new” orders which caused the Guard to lose pay that they qualified for during the original 30 days of service. Housing vouchers for those who had to travel to certain locations were not honored and Guard members had to pay out of pocket for these expenses. Members also were given contradictory information on where they would serve causing many delays which caused the members financial hardship in regard to housing and childcare. As of mid September some members were not deployed causing them loss of pay from their civilian jobs.

Our Oregon Guard are here to serve all Oregonians. They put their own personal lives, family and jobs on hold during each deployment. It is a shame that they experience these very same issues over and over again by the state. These issues are systematic in nature and must be immediately addressed and rectified.