Recently, on September 9, Biden came out on TV to state that all businesses with over 100 employees must mandate vaccines, stating that “this is a war on the unvaccinated”. What happened next is that Democrat states set out to do just that, demand that all be vaccinated. Kate Brown ordered state employees, first responders, staff in all medical fields and teachers vaccinate by October 18th. Companies began ordering their employees to vaccinate or lose their jobs if their Religious exemption was denied.

There is NO federal mandate. No such mandate has been sent to the White House’s Office of Information Regulatory Affairs. OSHA and the Department of Labor have not released a guidance for a mandate. No Executive Order exists. The only thing that does exist is Main Stream Media statements which are only projections and fantasy with no legal authority.

On September 29, 2021 a court case in Oregon went to the State of Appeals. The case is Chester Mooney v. State of Oregon. The Judge ruled the case “moot” stating that “moot is not a win”, as the case was based on “non-mandatory requirements”. A former state regulator stated that “rules cannot violate law”.

The Judge, in the above mentioned case, Erin Lagesen on Sept. 29, opined that most laws passed by legislatures are moot as they violate Article IV Section 21 of the Oregon Constitution. This section is a law that states  all laws must be “plainly worded so that anyone can read them”. Not the case with Kate Browns “rules, orders”.  Judge Lagesen states that he must dismiss a case for being “moot’ as a court can not rule on something that is not law and that her submission was also not reviewable. A former state government  regulator states that “rules can not violate laws”.  If rules violate law, rules are “moot”.

Oregon businesses have written to OSHA requesting in writing the Oregon Constitution, the U.S. Constitution and the Civil Rights Laws, Oregon Law and OSHA Laws and subsections to show that they must close their businesses for non compliance.  OHSA has not responded to these requests.

So we have heard and listened to the media for weeks gloating on the “vaccine mandates’ that would clean out businesses and etc. of unvaccinated individuals.  Since Biden’s speech on Sept. 9, Americans have been threatened endlessly of losing their jobs and many have , that for one reason or another, have not or could not be vaccinated. We have seen staff cut in vital services such as Health Care, Police and Teachers. We have seen many counties file for state of emergency due to lack of services that are detrimental to society.   We have seen many Class Action law suits filed against the state and Kate Brown as well as Unions coming forth against her tyrannical “rules”.

Now all businesses, corporations and institutions must take a step back and re-evaluate the damage.  What now?


Excerpts:  Gateway Pundit and Northwest Observer