SUNDAY, 10/17/2021

Today, Asante’ the corporation and Rogue Regional Medical Center damaged the careers of HUNDREDS of medical workers in Southern Oregon.
When the Asante’ board of directors and medical officers chose to no fight for their employees’ medical & religious rights, they also chose to abandon the Southern Oregon Community. We can expect a lower quality of care based on Asante’s distorted version of Human Resources management.
Asante’ took in millions of dollars of Govt. Covid money on the backs of the healthcare workers that covered the entire pandemic. Asante’ & Rogue Regional chose to abandon their workers and OUR COMMUNITY. Never let the greedy, bullying medical cult at Asante’ forget what they have done.
The rally today was appropriately in the rain (tears of God). If you are a medical worker depressed about this, please reach out to chat with people that care about you on Southern Oregon First, MWSO and Jackson County Scanner Group.
With great respect and love to our LOST MEDICAL WORKERS, that had the fortitude to stand up for their rights,
– Ryan, Mary, Teri, Sherry, Megan, April, Cassidy and Amy
the team at Southern Oregon First, Wake Up Southern Oregon, Rogue Political Orphans, ThiefHunter Labs and Scanner Group.
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