School Safety or Child Abuse in Southern Oregon Schools?

Accusations of Sacred Heart Walk/Jogathon discrimination against some classes of children & parents.

Medford, Oregon – October 16, 2021

Groups of parents at both public and private schools throughout Southern Oregon are questioning the masking of children playing outdoors at school and school functions.

One parent of with a young child at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Medford, Oregon is hurt by what she calls discrimination and child abuse.

“My son’s school is having a Walk/Jogathon Fundraiser.  In the school newsletter they are asking all parents, teachers and anyone walking to wear a mask outdoors.  My son is seriously bothered by the mask and too young to be running by himself.  I’m not a runner.  How is it fair that children walking outside and parents are having their breathing restricted?  Do they realize some kids and parents have physical reasons they can’t run?  Do they understand they may be restricting someone with asthma or other problems from even participating?  It feels like discrimination and is abusive to small children.  We don’t feel welcome.”

With the wind blowing in Southern Oregon’s traditional fall, this reporter and many others are left wondering “What is masking small children protecting?”  With kids being the least likely to contract or have any major complications with the virus, it just might be time for school boards to allow common-sense back into the classroom.

Quote from Sacred Heart Newsletter relative to masking some classes of students and parents: