Today Kate Brown held a news conference to update Oregonians on the current Covid numbers. The conference went live on Facebook at 11:00 today, Sept. 28, 2021

As expected, Kate Brown cherry picked a few local liberal news agencies that are known for asking the light questions. During the live feed Kate referred most questions to Oregon Health Authority Director, Rachael Banks and Dr. Tom Jeanne whom went over the numbers of Covid patients through out the state. Kate Brown also reiterated her stand on masking children in our Schools.

Not addressed in this news conference were the questions that most Oregonians want answers to, such as why she has mandated vaccines that are causing our state companies to lose mass employees and what she plans to do about the lack of staffing in companies across the state that will surely impact services, supplies and products. Another key question would have been to ask why there are a limited supply of beds in our local hospitals and why she would rather call in the National Guard to assist in non medical positions to help hospital staffing shortages rather than to keep Doctors, RN’s and medical staff that have been on the front lines since the inception of Covid in 2019. Sadly, the few media outlets that were invited to ask questions at this news conference, did not ask the tough questions which exasperated Oregonians watching her live feed.

We are in for some hard times when the mandate for all companies with over 100 employees must be vaccinated or lose their jobs if their Religious exemptions are not accepted. A Governor that would impose such strict and unconstitutional directives that would break a states economic and social system by ordering vaccinations rather than an optional choice when we have many early treatment remedies available to treat Covid at the onset is a tyrannical leader. Oregonians are not and should never be forced to take a medical procedure under duress. Our bodies do not belong to a government agency nor does a government entity have the right to take your rights to earn an income when you refuse to comply with such an order over your person.

Many lawsuits have been filed recently by first responders and employees to combat Kate Browns “orders”. We hope that they are successful in upholding the constitutional rights of all Oregonians soon.