HB 3265:  Relating to immigration; and declaring an emergency


House Bill 3265 is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

This bill prohibits local law enforcement and other public entities from gathering and sharing immigration information with federal immigration authorities or otherwise assisting immigration law enforcement. The bill also ensures that immigration detention centers cannot operate in Oregon and prohibits federal immigration authorities from carrying out warrantless arrests in Oregon’s courthouses and their vicinities. House Bill 3265 also provides an option to hold accountable individuals and entities that violate this policy.

This 2021 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2021 Act takes effect on its passage.

Bill Text:


Chief Sponsors: Representative Alonso Leon, Pham, Senator Gorsek, Representative Campos, Valderrama
Regular Sponsors: Representative Dexter, Fahey, Grayber, Holvey, Hudson, Kotek, Kropf, McLain, Meek, Neron, Power, Rayfield, Reynolds, Ruiz, Salinas, Sanchez, Sollman, Wilde, Williams, Senator Frederick, Gelser, Jama, Lieber, Manning Jr