Ballot Initiative will hit Cattle Industry hard.  IP-13 will BAN slaughter of cattle:

Biggest threat to the livestock industry in decades.

In November we will be voting on this initiative, IP-13, drafted by, David Michelson, and Activist for “End Animal Cruelty”. This initiative labels:  breeding, artificial insemination, branding, slaughter, hunting, rodeos and etc., as cruel animal abuse.

Our “Green New Deal”, which includes a ban on meat, is most definitely behind this initiative. Every aspect of our agriculture will be impacted. This forerunner initiative attacking the cattle industry is just the beginning. Under the GND, cattle contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, thus their plan to ban beef. Oregon, amongst other states, is a front-runner in adopting these GND policies.

Do not be fooled by the advocates of this initiative, IP-13. Plan now for a NO vote in November! If passed, it will transform our economy in unimaginable ways.  What can we do in the meantime to protest? Share this information with others, especially outside of the agriculture industry. All must be educated on what is at stake here. Call your legislatures frequently in protest.

We the people must stand firm in our opposition to this initiative as the State of Oregon aggressively and quickly moves to fundamentally change our way of life.