Jackson County Commissioners move to remove all mandatory restriction

Vow to never impose extreme risk conditions in JACO again

In light of the major impact that the state has put on Jackson County, by imposing lock-downs that have caused devastating fiscal damage to local economy and businesses, Commissioners moved to isolate the county from further mandates and emergency lock-downs. Citing a rise in crime, civil unrest of those on opposite sides of the spectrum, for or against lock-downs, Commissioners declare to never again impose restrictions, allowing citizens of JACO to make their own decisions in regard to their businesses and health care.

Citizens of Jackson County commend the Commissioners for taking a stand in this matter. Many businesses have gone under and those that remain are struggling to survive. Social distancing, state mandates for limited numbers in Churches, businesses and etc. have caused major fiscal impacts on the local economy.
As of the signing of this Proclamation, May 6, 202, the County will support legislation which provides full compensation by the State of Oregon to the residents of Jackson County who have had their income impacted by the restrictions related to COVID-19 imposed by the Governor and the State of Oregon in Jackson County.