Recently, I was made aware of an email sent out by the Chairman of the Washington County (Oregon) Republican Party. His name is Alexander Flores.

Mr. Flores stated that the purpose of the email was to, “…put the word out there about our Reagan Dinner this year. Our guest is Vice President Mike Pence! We are very excited to be able to host a man of his caliber.” Yes, you read that right. He went on to say, “We need to work together to advance our party and not lose focus on what is needed in our State. 2022 is right around the corner.”

Right…because Mike Pence did the right thing, and Nov 3, 2020, was the most secure election ever.

Perhaps Mr. Flores forgot about the letter signed by more than 100 state legislators from battleground states, requesting Pence delay the counting of electoral votes to allow for an investigations into election irregularities:

“Therefore, we write to ask you to comply with our reasonable request to afford our nation more time to properly review the 2020 election by postponing the January 6th opening and counting of the electoral votes for at least 10 days, affording our respective bodies to meet, investigate, and as a body vote on certification or decertification of the election. This action can be completed prior to the inauguration date, as required by the Constitution.”

 The Vice President ignored the letter.

I make a genuine effort not to judge people. However, I do judge their results— results of their character, results of their work, results of their life. Mike Pence chose NOT to stand up for We the People and secure our elections. We know this because of the preliminary findings in the Maricopa County audit. We know this because of the recount ordered in Fulton County, the recent NYC Mayoral race, the Windham, NH legislative election, plus Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin now call for forensic audits. This is NOT about political parties, left or right. This is about We the People NOT having a true voice in elections. If there is even a HINT of unsecure elections, the system must be corrected. Nobody likes sore losers, but nobody likes sore winners either.

When you connect this with the allegations of Mike Pence and Paul Ryan’s efforts to undermine Trump, why would anyone want to hear what Mike Pence has to say? Now, if he is admitting his failures as an American, taking responsibility for his mistakes, and asking for forgiveness like an honorable man, sure. Short of that, why would anyone be excited to attend such a fundraiser? Is it possible they didn’t see what happened during the election last year? Maybe they did see it and don’t want to believe it for a variety of psychological reasons. Is it possible they still trust the mockingbird media? Is it possible they are being pressured to ignore what happened? ALL of this is definitely possible. RINOs (Republican In Name Only) are real.

There’s only one solution I can come up with for every scenario…We the People.

I don’t like it, but right now we have a two-party system. The Democrats are not shy about what they want, while Republicans are silent and inactive. There’s a maxim in law: silence is acquiescence.

We can no longer afford to be silent. Regular, everyday Americans MUST get involved! We must take back the Republican Party and bring it into the 21st century! Only we can put an end to the power-hoarding and elitism of career politics. We need Patriots to restore honor and integrity to our government. It can be done, and it’s worth doing. One powerful way to make a difference…become a Precinct Committee Person in your county.

It’s never too late. Find your voice. Get involved. We the People means just that—one body, one direction, one purpose: FREEDOM.