As small business owners, American entrepreneurs and ordinary believers in the success and
personal rewards of free market economics, we are keenly aware that increasing taxes and unnecessary regulations keep us in the cross hairs of the Oregon government. Much of the time, many of us feel as if we are living in the occupied territory with our rights under constant assault.

Our self-appointed sovereigns in Salem feel that if they force us to give them all our hard-earned dollars and surrender our basic God-given human rights, guaranteed by the
Constitution, all will be well! In Oregon, we feel betrayed by our elected officials who (supposedly) swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Oregon.



The Jackson County Republican Party. Jackson County, Oregon has 617 Republican Precincts, each composed of about 240 families/residences. Right now, 500 of those precincts are leaderless! The Precinct Committee People are also the voting body of the Jackson County Republican Party. “We, the people,” of Jackson County working together toward the same goals, must get involved! We must take back our local and state governments to remind our elected officials they work for us, NOT the other way around!

We are a grassroots group of individuals, families, and business owners organizing to take back our government. But we must begin at the local level…the precinct level! We need to act locally but think nationally and globally. We begin by changing and strengthening our local influence.


Morals, Principles! They always succeed. A government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” will never fail. To be involved give us a call! WE ARE NOT ALONE! MANY PATRIOTS ARE GETTING INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT. We cannot individually influence the folks in Washington. We cannot individually influence on our representatives in Salem! We can influence our neighbors! Make them aware of our common interests. Now more than ever, we must take charge of our future. We must rely on each other, our principles, and our love of freedom. We must get involved!